The Stevens Team

At Stevens Technical, we believe in fostering a technically robust and diverse team environment, capable of evolving and adapting as clients discover and grow to depend on us as a trusted source for quality engineering consulting services. With our commitment to innovation and creativity, we are continually prepared to meet our clients’ needs and rise to the challenges of growth, solidifying our reputation for excellence.

Roma G. Stevens, P.E., PTOE RSP1, President and Founder

Roma has 30 years of civil engineering experience in consulting, academic instruction and research.

Starting out in structural engineering and serving as a professor for the first ten years of her career, Roma transitioned to transportation receiving a Master of Science in Transportation Engineering from Texas A&M University.

Since then, she has become a highly regarded expert in the field, specializing in hurricane evacuation modeling, ITS, TSMO, transportation planning, traffic engineering studies, signal timing and operations.

Charles R. Stevens, Jr., P.E., PTOE, RAS CEO and Principal

Charles can leverage over 20 years of experience in traffic and transportation engineering and has expertise in the area of traffic operations, planning, design, ITS and research.

As Principal, he manages a team of traffic professionals in completing high
quality traffic engineering projects including traffic studies, signalization, signing & pavement marking projects.

Notable Project include: TxDOT Houston/San Antonio IDIQ “On-Call” Studies and Design Contracts (5); Cooperative Automated Transportation Plan (CAT), H-GAC ITS Architecture and TSMO Clearinghouse.

Ronald K. Jenson, P.E., PTOE, PMP, Senior Project Manager

Ron has 30 years of experience in consulting and the public sector, Ron brings invaluable institutional knowledge and strong relationships.

He is a widely recognized leader in traffic operations, signal timing, advanced traffic signal and ITS systems, and traffic engineering design and studies, encompassing every aspect of traffic and ITS engineering, from signal design and timing plans to the integration of advanced traffic signal systems and ITS technologies.

Jenny Kim, P.E., Project Engineer

Ms. Kim has 11 years of experience in traffic engineering and has expertise in Signal Design, Traffic Studies, and Traffic Signal Timings.

Ms. Kim serves as lead design engineer on various projects. She performs tasks ranging from site visits and data collection to design calculations to preparing, signing, and sealing final designs or reports.

Notable Projects include FM 646 Signals, SH 105 Accelerated Signals Designs, San Antonio Backplate Replacement PS&E, Houston District Large Guide Sign Replacement PS&E.

Michelle Magallanez, P.E., Project Engineer

Ms. Magallanez has 10 years experience in civil and traffic engineering design. She is a highly detail oreinted engiener and is a valued colleague for PS&E and company QA/QC efforts.

Notable Projects include, TxDOT Stip Maps in Houston, Laredo, and San Antonio, IH 35 cable barrier and illumination design, US 90 Traffic Signal Design, and the San Antonio Large Guide Sign inventory project.

Mahmu M. Bilaidi, Chief Designer

Mr. Mahmud Bilaidi brings over 20 years of expertise in traffic and transportation to firm projects. With a history of demonstrated leadership and adept multitasking abilities, he has successfully managed complex projects, including capital improvement initiatives within dynamic environments, all under strict deadlines.

His flexibility in adapting to changing priorities, along with his superb interpersonal skills, ensures effective collaboration, making him a valued asset in any professional setting.

Summer King, Assistant Project Manager/GIS Lead

Summer is GIS Professional with experience leading GIS efforts and assisting on various transportation sector projects.

Previously environmental professional with extensive GIS capability. Familiar with site investigation and remediation, impact assessment and planning, due diligence, and sustainability areas of environmental consulting.

Notable Projects include the San Antonio District 4-Year Pavement Marking Plan, San Antonio ITS Architecture, and Houston Large Signing Inventory.

Nikunj Desai, Graduate Engineer

Nikunj Desai has 3 years of engineering experience relating to traffic management and operations, software, and ITS systems evaluation. His expertise with software gives him the ability to provide concise and accurate results in a timely manner.

Notable Projects include the HCTRA reimagining modeling effort, Houston District signal timing, numerous traffic impact analysis, and other operational studie involving microsimulation.

Nikunj recieved a Bachelor’s Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Houston.

Hardik Gupta, EIT, Graduate Engineer

Hardik reccently received a Master’s of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University in May 2023.

Notable Project include Vulnerable User Safety Work Codes, Various Traffic Operations Studies, and Safety Analysis.

Pirjap Singh, Graduate Engineer

Pirjap graduated with a Bachelor’s of Sciencce in Civil Engineering from the University of Houston in 2023.

Notable Projects include Houston Strip Maps, San Antonio Backplate Replacement PS&E, and San Antonio Large Guide Sign Replacement PS&E

Meghan Calloway, Administrative Assistant

Meghan dilligently handles all Stevens realted general administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, managing documents, coordinating meetings, and assisting with travel arrangements.

Meghan also utilizes her BA in English from Sam Houston State University to assist engineers with technical writing and to help conduct QA/QC reviews of deliverables.