Stevens Technical Services, Inc. is a professional civil engineering consulting firm providing expert services in the areas of traffic engineering, transportation planning, intelligent transportation systems, municipal permitting, technology transfer, and research.

Traffic Engineering

Analysis/Studies: Traffic impact analysis, signal warrant studies, highway capacity analysis, pedestrian and bicycle studies, transit routing and modeling, freeway modeling, evacuation modeling, signal timing, alternatives analysis, safety studies, and interstate access justification.

Design/PS&E: Signalization, signing and pavement markings, large signing (overhead), left-turn lane extension/intersection design, and illumination (conventional, highmast, and underbridge).

ITS (Analysis and Design)

Analysis & Planning: ITS Architecture, planning and implementation, emerging technology evaluations, communications and transportation systems management and operations.

ITS Design: Interconnect Design, Fiber Plans and Alignment, Device Layouts and Power including Wire Sizing for Voltage Drop.

Transportation Planning

Feasibility studies, travel demand analysis, schematic design planning components, and route studies

Research and Academic Instruction

Connected & Automated Vehicles, device evaluations, emerging technology studies, UAS, RFID/Barcode, weather impacts, safety hardware, asset management, TSMO, ITS, wrong-way driving, safety evaluations, literature synthesis, and road user cost studies.